Golf Etiquette

Mission Hills Rules and Etiquette at a Glance

Are you dressed appropriately?
Please review all dress codes with your guests prior to joining them at the club.
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1.  Adjacent Tee Boxes:  When two groups meet at adjacent tee boxes (Holes #1 and #17, and Holes #5 and    #8), the group that is farther along (#8 and #17) have the right of way and will play first.  Please allow the appropriate group to tee off before proceeding.
2.  Please enter all sand traps from the LOW side.  Always rake and repair sand traps after playing your shot and prior to your next shot.  Rakes should be left within the trap.
3.  Golf carts must be kept at least 30 yards from all greens and tee boxes unless the cart is on the cart path.
4.  Holes number 10 and 16 are CART PATH ONLY.  Do not drive your cart on the grass for any reason.
5.  Fix any ball marks present on the putting green surface.  Remove and dispose of any loose debris if found.
6.  All Golfers must have their own set of clubs.  If you do not have a set, the pro shop has sets to rent.
7.  All players are expected to keep pace.  If the group behind you is playing more quickly or has fewer golfers, please allow them the opportunity to play through if requested. If you wish to pass the group in front of you at the turn, please request permission before proceeding.  The first group has the right of way.
8.  The town homes and condos are not part of Mission Hills Country Club Golf Course.  Please respect their property at all times.
9.  Rest rooms are located in the clubhouse and in the maintenance office between #13 and #14.
10. Smoking is only permitted on the course.  Smoking is prohibited in all other enclosed areas of the club.
11.  Proper attire is required.  No Jeans or t-shirts are allowed.  Shorts and Skorts are allowed for men and women excluding frayed or excessively baggy cargo shorts.  Soft Spikes only.  Appropriate shoes shall be worn at all times while on the course.  Collared or turtle neck shirts are acceptable.
12.  Golf hats should be worn with the bill facing the proper direction.  Forward.
13.  Common Courtesy should be extended to all members and guests at all times.
14.  Locker facilities are available and should be used.  Do not change shoes or golf attire in the parking lot.  If you need a locker, one of the MHCC staff members will assist you in obtaining one.